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TQ Tezos (also known as Tocqueville Group or TQ) works to advance the Tezos ecosystem by creating open source software and other public goods, providing support to projects and companies building on Tezos, and connecting the global Tezos community.


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TQuorum: Tezos Global Summit Announced

Join us in September 2019 in NYC. Sign up for updates below.

TQ Tezos is pleased to announce TQuorum, a summit for the global Tezos community.

To take place in Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2019, TQuorum will draw developers and enthusiasts to New York City for a three-day summit about Tezos. Keynote speeches, technical workshops, topic discussions, and networking opportunities will enable community members from around the world to learn from Tezos subject matter experts, connect and exchange ideas, discuss current and future developments in the ecosystem, and advance the growth of Tezos.

To receive updates about TQuorum, sign up with your email as indicated in the section below. Additional information here.

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TQ Tezos, Nomadic Labs, Serokell developing asset standards

Joint project focused on building token standards for tezos

TQ Tezos, Nomadic Labs, and Serokell are jointly working on proposing a standard interface for creating and managing fungible assets using smart-contracts on Tezos. Serokell has already produced an example implementation.

The initial interface follows ERC-20 closely, as the standard is well known and widely used by third parties (wallets, exchanges), and familiar to developers. Engineers at Nomadic Labs and Serokell are also developing alternatives inspired by other emerging standards, such as ERC-777 and ERC-1155.

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New partnership with IDEO

Tezos to be featured as a platform for IDEO CoLab's Startup Studio

TQ Tezos and the Tezos Foundation are jointly supporting IDEO’s new Startup Studio, a program run through IDEO CoLab.

IDEO selected Tezos as one of the leading Layer 1 protocols chosen to launch with the brand new Startup Studio program. TQ Tezos will help blockchain startups and entrepreneurs participating in the Startup Studio program, serving as a resource for projects built on the Tezos blockchain.

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B9lab launches Tezos Blockstars developer training

Registration is now open

TQ Tezos worked with the team at B9lab to design an end-to-end training program designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to become industry-leading Tezos developers.

The Tezos Foundation will be sponsoring 500 seats in the program, so learn more and register before the deadline on August 16.

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TQ Tezos partners SmartPy.io opens to the public

The platform allows for writing tezos smart contracts in python

The SmartPy project is one of many initiatives TQ Tezos supports to introduce more developer tools and other technical infrastructure to the Tezos ecosystem.

SmartPy is a smart contracts Python library used to write contracts on Tezos. SmartPy.io is an online editor for writing and running smart contracts written in Python. After months of heavy development, the library and online IDE are now available for public use.

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TQ Tezos has reviewed and aggregated resources from across the Tezos ecosystem to help developers, businesses, and enthusiasts get started and learn about Tezos. The TQ Tezos Wiki is a living document that will evolve and improve over time.

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